Music Box Repair - How To Build or Repair a Music Box

Broken music box? Not playing the music? You can repair it yourself!

With our "Members Only" visual video training.

If you are in to building or repairing your own musical projects. We now offer a members video training area for a very nominal fee to cover the expense of running the Website.

Strangely enough, you can find almost anything on the world wide web nowadays, but there is very little information regarding the art of making or repairing music boxes or musical gifts. How to install an on off switch on a musical jewelry box or how to install a spring to a music box movement. How to repair or replace the music in a snow globe or waterglobe or a vintage, sentimental musical figurine.

Join the members area and learn today:

How to Attach a Spring to a Music Box Movement
How and Where to Drill the Holes for an On/Off Switch
How to Make an On/Off switch on a Music Box
How to Install a New  Movement in a Musical Figurine
How to Repair a Non Playing Snow Globe or Waterglobe
How to Attach the Spring to a Brass Pin
How to Repair a Musical Figurine
How to Make a Musical Figurine Revolve
How to install a turntable

All on video ... and much more coming soon.
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